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Our strengths:

  • Fame
  • Experience
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  • Proximity to the industrial zone of Colmar
  • Peaceful and comfortable hotel near the centre of Colmar
  • Renowned restaurant
  • Traditional cuisine
  • Fresh produce and ingredients


Looking for a renowned restaurant near Strasbourg that serves traditional French and Alsatian cuisine? Book a table at the Hotel Restaurant du Ladhof.
Experience and tradition: in the kitchen, Louis Steib is the driving force, the very founder of Hotel Restaurant du Ladhof, a famous landmark in Colmar since its creation in 1954.

Whether it is a simple daily special or a gourmet menu, gourmets will not be disappointed by the trip.

French and Alsatian cuisine: Restaurant du Ladhof in Colmar

Our menu options, from the daily special to the gourmet menu, are served at your table by a courteous, professional and attentive service. The menu, which gives a prominent place to the classics of French and Alsatian gastronomy have been handed down from generation to generation. Would you like to spend the night on site after your dinner? Book a room in our hotel.

A restaurant in Colmar famous all the way to Strasbourg: the Ladhof"

Cuisine traditionnelle  Strasbourg

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Our restaurant's specialities

At Hotel Restaurant du Ladhof, gastronomy is a family affair.

Our chefs have been serving their signature dishes for 3 generations:
fresh offal (veal kidneys, veal head, etc.), seasonal game meat (wild boar, fallow deer, etc.), Alsatian or French beef (Norman entrecôte, etc.).

A restaurant offering a fine family cuisine not far from Strasbourg

Cuisine traditionnelle  Mulhouse

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Why choose our restaurant?

  • Proven reputation
  • Opened since 1954
  • Fresh produce and ingredients
  • Traditional cuisine
  • Alsatian specialities
Cuisine traditionnelle  Mulhouse


198 Rue Du Ladhof

68000 COLMAR


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